Painful line

I called my husband several days ago asking him to tell me again why he could not try to work on our marriage again. And he remained constant in his response. Too much pain, nothing left to try, has moved on.

I cried over the phone over and over again.

I said “I wanted to see you as a father, I wanted to have a family with you.”

He responded with “You had eight years to try.”

It was like pulling the dagger out of my chest and into my side.


2 thoughts on “Painful line

  1. I don’t want to pry, but as someone who is going through a divorce, I’ve come to the realization, if they don’t want us, to hell with them, we deserve much much better. And I’m sorry but he sounds like a total jerk. You ARE better off without him. Life is too short. LIVE it! Let go and once you do, other doors will open.

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    • loveandfound says:

      Thank you for listening and you are definitely not prying. I want to believe what you say but at the moment I am not sure how to be or what to do. I simply feel hurt, rejected, abandoned. Worthless. Time wasted.
      But your comments are very appreciated. I feel like I have lost friends, my best friend being my husband, but have been surprised by the kindness of others, so, thank you for your kindness.


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