My friend’s son, let’s call him C,  screams “BUBBLES” and we are instantly outside, running into and through a cloud of bubbles, screaming and laughing. We stop and watch the bubbles float away and I am convinced that some of the rogue ones have made it to the road and the sight of them have made a driver’s day. We use gel bubbles that float like helium balloons and stick to everything like Dandelions. Inevitably my friend’s son is covered in them.

I pause and think about the bubbles much like thoughts and about my mediation practice. I have been doing it about 3 times a week and that is an accomplishment. I use Headspace because I like being guided by this bald headed British Yogi who instructs me notice my thoughts gently and then return my focus back to my breathing.  It is this same breath that I use to blow these bubbles for C. I watch them as some get stuck, deflate, dry, or blow away. In all instances, they eventually disappear.

I hear C yelling for more and I am shoved into the present again. He is screaming in delight. I am in the presence of joy and it feels fresh, alive, and amazing. I was once very afraid to have children. The divorce has taking that fear away with the marriage. Now I think perhaps that I might find someone who loves me without conditions and maybe a baby is still in my future, but all is fine whether any of this happens or not.

For right now, I will focus on right now and laugh and smile watching bubbles.



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